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     The Women's Travel Group:
SITA World Tours and The Women's Travel Group (WTG) are strategic partners in women's luxury, exotic tours. With eight decades of experience, SITA is one of North America's most reputable Tour Operators for exotic destinations. SITA has extensive experience in the women's market.

SITA provides luxury itineraries for The Women's Travel Group, as it did for its predecessor, a national award-winning Women's Travel Club. Our women's itineraries are colorful and enhanced with speakers, inside visits and unusual sites. Room shares are arranged for solo travelers (room share availability is guaranteed for several destinations); singles are available.
  Highlights of Southern Africa SOLD OUT  
  February 17 - March 1, 2018  
  Capetown, one of the most gorgeous cities in the world, is our gateway to a land of magnificence and majesty, yet a dark and poignant history. We visit the gardens, game and glories of the country. We explore with the background of recent and colonial South African history and through the viewpoints of its many ethnic groups. No trip to South Africa should be without stops in Botswana and the feel of mist from Victoria Falls.  
  Enchanted Morocco  
  April 9 - 20, 2018  
    Morocco combines truly exotic sights, customs and people. Our trip touches ancient crossroads from the’Blue City’ of Chefchaouen through the Roman North to the Berber Atlas Mountains and ends in the thrilling desert oasis of Marrakesh. We travel in April, when the weather is ideal and there is still snow on the mountains. Some nights are spent in authentic Riads: Classic Moroccan homes built around a courtyard and fountain. Special experiences include an optional night in a luxurious Berber tent in the desert. In Marrakesh choose between a cooking class, Hammam (A hammam is a dedicated Turkish style steam experience. You will be soaped and scrubbed to perfection) or an excursion to the port city of Essouria . Join us for an African adventure with markets, minarets, and muezzins.  
  Medieval Croatia and Montenegro  
  A Thousand Islands in the Sun  
  June 6 - 16, 2018  
  An Adriatic coast with more than 1,000 islands. A country crossed by a chain of the Alps. Land covered with medieval walled towns. Incredible wine and seafood. Croatia is the surprise favorite of many travelers. The country has more than 250 days of sun each year and June is THE month to go.

We begin in famous Dubrovnik, passing through the independent country of Montenegro, and on Day 4, embark on our Dalmatian coastal cruise. Built in 2013, our ship is the MV Amalia, described online as cozy and homey. Its 36 guests enjoy fine food, excellent wines, a sun deck and above all the gorgeous landscape. Cabins are simple yet comfortable with a/c, private bathrooms and views, only accessible by small ships. Our budget price includes 4 star hotels on land, meals as noted and shares first come first served.
  Colors of India - Diwali Festival  
  October 29 - November 10, 2018  
  India Pre-Tour Ayurveda Spa  
  Ranthambore Extension  
  The Women's Travel Group's India is a must. Our trip includes Diwali, the Festival of Lights. Your tour will mean so much more with a visit to a private home for a Diwali dinner, a boat ride on the Ganges, a visit to a classical dance school, even a sample yoga lesson. We stay in fine hotels and you will be escorted throughout your tour. There is no time wasted in the guide's nephew's jewelry shop. There is plenty of time to learn and love the magic of India.  
  The Enchanted Islands of Galapagos  
  December 4 - 10, 2018  
  The Galapagos are on every travel bucket list. Here is what you need to know about our trip:

First: you need to know we are visiting the most important islands and during a good season for viewing and for being on a ship. We maintain our usual high quality and standards in the hotel and ship choice.

Second: People of all ages have been to Galapagos. Women should be able to get into small motorized skiff, disembark, and negotiate uneven trails with rocks or tree roots or on sand. Some people bring a walking stick. Hikes are rarely more than 1.5 miles, usually with little elevation. Hikes are done at a slow pace - because it's all about observing nature, not about establishing speed records. Those who wish to relax rather than walk, will find lovely places to sit and observe sea and land life. Third we added a night in Quito and an option to return to this Andean capital with a visit to the largest Indian market in South America: Otavalo.

Our trip as usual is a small group adventure, with shares arranged for those who book early.
  Exciting Brazil for the Holiday  
  December 22 - 29, 2018  
  This hot, happening, dynamic country has something for everyone who loves travel. From exciting Rio de Janeiro to the magnificent spectacle of Iguassu Falls, Brazil is a wonderland of adventure and fun. Guests have the option of adding a pre tour to Salvador da Bahia.  
  Festivals of South India +
Isolated Island of Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
  Book both and save CAD 313!  
  January 8 - 17, 2019  
  If you loved your trip to Northern India, here is your next adventure: Southern India during a festival with music and ceremonies. Add an option to Sri Lanka, (Ceylon) for a longer trip. This trip is an ideal mid winter tropical getaway. Portuguese, Christians, Jews and Dutch left their mark on the cuisine and culture of the South. Stunning temples, palm bordered canals, spiritualism, and some of the best vegetarian food in the world. You will bring home gorgeous silks, gold and silver jewelry, masks and carvings. Take an optional extension to the island country of Sri Lanka (Ceylon), colonized by the Dutch, Portuguese and British. Both areas are not yet overrun with tourists. If you can take the time, we strongly suggest you opt for both together.  
  Some special features   include:
  • Culinary classes and local market visits
  • Henna hand painting
  • Explore local villages
  • Visit to a classical dance school and yoga lesson in India
  • Well-paced itineraries allowing for interaction with your fellow travelers



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