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LOS ANGELES, March 13, 2006 – A journey that SITA’s Director of Sales, Max Ali, calls “a veritable smorgasbord of visual delights,” takes travelers on a 24-day African Voyage of Discovery from Cape Town to Cairo. Escorted by an Africa expert with deluxe accommodations, a 5 star cruise, most meals, all airfare included, and priced under $10,000, this is truly an incredibly valued SITA adventure departing North America on November 3rd.

Many tour operators offer Africa Safaris, South African tours and Egyptian expeditions, but none unite the African experience like SITA World Tours. With airfare included, the African Voyage of Discovery is priced at $9,705 from New York and $9,885 from Los Angeles. If booked prior to April 30th, a $250 Early Bird discount will be deducted.

The journey begins in cosmopolitan Cape Town with its signature Table Top Mountain, alluring beaches and enchanting vineyards. Along the Cape Peninsula’s False Bay coastline lies Boulders Beach, an amazing location for travelers to interact with the adorable African Penguin. Known for its donkey-like braying call, the “Jackass” Penguin – as it is more affectionately known - is a photographer’s dream specie because it doesn’t waddle away from approaching tourists.

From precious aquatic life to massive elephants and roaring lions, the voyage continues to Botswana’s Chobe National Park. The country’s first National Park, Chobe covers over 10,000 square kilometers and is best known for having the highest elephant concentration in Africa.

Between Chobe and Nairobi lies Zambia and Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls. Over 400 feet high, the falls span a mile wide and are about twice the height of Niagara Falls. Following a tour of the falls and a sundowner cruise on the Zambezi River, clients of SITA will embark on their flight to Kenya’s most revered Game Reserve, Masai Mara.

Located nearly 150 miles west of Nairobi and populated by rhino, leopard, buffalo, elephant, and lion, Masai Mara is famous for its central location in the annual migration of the wildebeest. After three game-drives in the Mara, the tour continues to illustrate the diverse cultures and landscape of the African continent via a flight to Cairo.

Egypt offers tourists a history unique to Africa and a cultural glimpse into the Middle East. The Nile is celebrated as the lifeline of ancient civilizations and SITA’s four-day cruise from Cairo to Aswan, presents travelers with an unbelievable opportunity to comprehend the powerful role the Nile played in the Land of the Pharaohs.

With over seven decades of experience as a tour operator, SITA provides luxurious and customized programs to destinations worldwide, including Africa & the Mediterranean, Australia & New Zealand, China & the Orient, Europe, India, and South America. For more information, please call the contact below or visit

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