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LOS ANGELES – SITA World Tours is excited to announce the arrival of the 2006/07 South America brochure. Recognized for its highly experienced staff and customized programs, SITA was named by National Geographic Traveler as a top 5 Tour Operator in the publication’s 20th Anniversary edition.  Look for SITA’s guarantee of excellent services and quality programs at the most competitive prices in the new 2006 South America brochure, which now offers more programs and products to choose from.

Brochure highlights:

  • Arasha  – Arasha is located in the richest “hotspot” on the planet, with more than 35,000 species of plants and over 664 distinct species of amphibians. Arasha is much more than Ecuador’s finest resort and spa, it is a place to find life’s poetry.

  • Skorpios – Travelers may choose among three itineraries to explore the magical waters of the Pacific Ocean off the Chilean coast.  Skorpios Cruises provides attentive and efficient service while travelers visit archipelagos, glaciers and historical channels.
  • Santa Catarina – An island escape in exotic Brazil awaits visitors who seek pristine beaches and enchanting vistas.
  • Brazil on Sale – SITA offers travelers the option of touring Rio de Janeiro, the spectacular Iguassu Falls and vibrant Sao Paolo in three distinct classes (Standard, First Class and Deluxe) at very competitive prices. 
  • More for the Independent Traveler – Because SITA’s forte is flexibility, the South America brochure offers a series of Independent Traveler programs to Easter Island, Cuzco and Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, Iguassu Falls, Santa Catarina and Arasha.
SITA, with over seven decades of experience as a tour operator, provides luxurious and customized programs to worldwide destinations, including Africa, Australia & New Zealand, China & the Orient, European Cruises, Greece, India, and South America. For more information, please visit or call either of the contacts below.

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Max Ali Laudie Hanou
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