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LOS ANGELES – SITA World Tours has been named India’s “Best Tour Operator from the Americas” by India’s Ministry of Tourism. The National Awards Ceremony was held in New Delhi and the Minister of Tourism, Mrs. Ambika Soni, presented the award to Tony Marwah, the CEO of SITA’s Delhi office. Mr. Marwah accepted the award on behalf of the entire SITA North American team.

SITA continues to aggressively promote tourism to India and is proud to be recognized for its efforts once again. Having won the award in 1996, SITA’s ability to attain such a prestigious honor in consecutive decades is a testament to the company’s remarkable track record and consummate brand.

SITA offers a kaleidoscope of travel opportunities, including unique culinary tours, rail excursions and wildlife safaris. SITA has expanded its product line in 2006 and now offers such intriguing itineraries as Mystic India, which is packaged with daily spiritual adventures and cultural expeditions. Travelers with SITA are offered the option of traversing India’s exotic landscape in three distinct classes (First Class, Deluxe and Luxury). In conjunction with distinguished properties throughout the country, SITA has made a name for itself by providing unparalleled service.

As one of North America’s most reputable Tour Operators for over 73 years, SITA attributes its success to its highly experienced travel specialists. SITA maintains offices throughout the United States and Canada in order to facilitate the highest level of service for its clients. SITA’s guarantee of excellent support and quality programs at the most competitive prices are consistently promoted year after year. And for these reasons, the North American consumers and media alike have found in SITA a dependable company worthy of their business and praise.

Founded in 1933 and restructured under new ownership in 1982, SITA World Tours has retained an edge in the Tourism Industry by tapping into various niche markets. SITA’s Chairman and CEO, Roger Mahal, asserts that “as we approach our 75th anniversary, we have to keep in mind many things, otherwise we become relics. If we want to stay as relevant today as we were back in 1933, we have to think about destinations, niche groups, advanced technology and, most importantly, our valued clients. This is our legacy."

Under the leadership and entrepreneurial expertise of Mr. Mahal, SITA has steadily increased its market value since the early 1980’s. The annual global expansion of a unique product line and the increasing number of partnerships made with various organizations and associations have played instrumental roles in the development of a successful brand for SITA. And with the World Travel and Tourism Council estimating that Foreign Tourism to India alone will generate nearly $10 billion of economic activity in 2006, SITA looks to continue to lead travelers to the land of Incredible India for years to come.

With over seven decades of experience as a tour operator, SITA provides luxurious and customized programs to destinations worldwide. Named by National Geographic Traveler as a top 5 Tour Operator to China in the publication’s 20th Anniversary edition, SITA’s myriad of exotic itineraries take travelers to India, Africa & the Mediterranean, Australia & New Zealand, China & the Orient, Europe and South America.

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