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LOS ANGELES, May 8, 2006 – More than 50 Travel Agents gathered in Miami, Florida to attend the Agent Seminar recently hosted by SITA World Tours, Brazil Tourism and Santa Catarina Tourism Board. The multimedia presentation captured the essence of Santa Catarina and portrayed the destination as a perfect finale to any Brazilian journey. According to Doug Kostowski, President of Travel People in Miami, “we do much Brazilian business and yet I learned of Santa Catarina for the first time…this event made me want to visit!”

Brazil is well known for its exotic beaches, mysterious Amazonia region, thundering cataracts and eclectic cultures unique to the world. However, if Brazil were an oyster, the lesser-known Santa Catarina region could very well be the country’s pearl. From white sand beaches, tropical forests and snowy mountains to Azorean fishermen and Italian farmers, Santa Catarina offers sharp and fascinating contrasts sure to captivate all who visit.

A region of Brazil unlike any other, Santa Catarina displays a temperate climate year round, diverse landscapes and an amazing quilt of ethnic European cultures. Following the arrival of Portuguese immigrants, Germans and Italians began settling in the rural areas at the turn of the 19th century. Cities such as Blumenau and Joinville have developed around these cultures and annual festivals highlight the diversity of the region. Blumenau celebrates the second largest Oktoberfest in the world and the Joinville Dance Festival attracts such participants as the world renowned Bolshoi Ballet Company – Joinville is also known for being the only city outside of Moscow to host a school of the Russian Ballet Company.

With some of the most beautiful beaches in South America located on the perimeter of the island city of Florianópolis, a day of activity may consist of dolphin feeding, windsurfing, jet skiing, fishing and whale watching. Itineraries to Santa Catarina typically center on Florianópolis because of its excellent accommodations, abundance of ecotourism activities and its central location. The paradisiacal Costão do Santinho Resort and Spa, on the edge of Florianópolis, is considered one of the best resorts in Brazil and offers refined elegance and breathtaking seashore views. Day trips include culinary excursions to the European Valley, rural journeys to the snow country of São Joaquim and rejuvenating thermal spring tours.

With over seven decades of experience as a tour operator, SITA provides luxurious and customized programs to destinations worldwide. Named by National Geographic Traveler as a top 5 Tour Operator to China in the publication’s 20th Anniversary edition, SITA’s myriad of exotic itineraries take travelers to India, Africa & the Mediterranean, Australia & New Zealand, China & the Orient, Europe and South America. For more information, please call the contact below or visit the company’s website at

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