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LOS ANGELES – SITA World Tours is excited to announce the arrival of the 2006/07 China & the Orient brochure. Recognized for its highly experienced staff and customized programs, SITA was named by National Geographic Traveler as a top 5 Tour Operator to China in the publication’s 20th Anniversary edition.  SITA’s “Luxury Touring at Lower Prices” guarantees excellent services and quality programs at the most competitive prices…

Brochure highlights:

  • China’s Himalayan Adventure – Amidst 2400km of mountain range, travelers will find themselves surrounded by the elusive Bengal Tiger at the Royal Chitwan National Park and guided through the through the temples, monasteries and palaces of the mystical mountain kingdoms of the Himalayas.
  • China’s Ancient Silk Road – This journey will take travelers on the historic trade route, which was used by merchants during the Middle Ages up until the 19th century. Along the way, travelers will visit centuries old towns, where they will delight in breathtaking scenery, vivid ethnic diversity and much more.  
  • Best of Korea – While Seoul offers visitors an in-depth look at the commercial, political and financial well being of Korea, Kyongju, Busan and Jeju will sweep travelers off their feet with vistas and historical landmarks that illustrate the country’s majesty and magnificence. 
  • The Malay Tradition – An 11-day adventure through the jungles, villages and enchanting rivers of Malaysia.  Guests will be taken into the heart of a cultural paradise in Southeast Asia.  SITA also offers an 11-day Highlights of Singapore & Malaysia tour that treats visitors to the elegance and splendor of a land that is truly representative of the Asian experience.
  • Added Value – SITA offers Booking Bonuses (applicable to any scheduled brochure programs) to supplement the already high commissions it provides Travel Agents. Early Booking Discounts are also available for travelers and travel professionals.
SITA, with over seven decades of experience as a tour operator, provides luxurious and customized programs to worldwide destinations, including Africa, Australia & New Zealand, China & the Orient, European Cruises, Greece, India, and South America. For more information, please visit or call either of the contacts below.

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Max Ali Laudie Hanou
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