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Founded in 1933 and restructured under new ownership in 1982, SITA World Tours has retained an edge in the Tourism Industry by tapping into various niche markets.

Under the leadership and entrepreneurial expertise of Roger Mahal and Mok Singh, the company’s Chairman and President, SITA has steadily increased its market value since early 1980. The annual expansion of a unique product line and the increasing number of partnerships made with various organizations and associations nationwide, have played instrumental roles in the development of a brand that is sure to bring SITA success for years to come.

2 "As we approach our 75th anniversary, we want to stay as relevant today as we were back in 1933. We have to think about destinations, niche groups, advanced technology and, most importantly, our valued clients. This is our legacy."(read more…)
Roger Mahal,
1 "I was fascinated with the idea of purchasing SITA. It was a company that had great potential and offered endless possibilities in terms of growth." (read more…)
Mok Singh,












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