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South America in Luxury
Affordable Brazil
Exotic Argentina & Brazil
Classical South America: Brazil, Argentina & Chile
Spectacular Iguassu Falls
Amazon Brazil: Ecopark Jungle Lodge
Amazon Cruise Brazil: Rio Solimoes
Affordable South America
Carnival in Rio
New Year in Rio
South America in Luxury
Classical South America: Brazil, Argentina & Chile
Patagonia Panorama
Exotic Argentina & Brazil
Essence of Chile & Argentina
Inca Mysteries: Peru
Peru: Ancient Civilizations
Tribute to the Incas: Cuzco & Machu Picchu
Ecuador and Peru
Arequipa and Colca Canyona
Amazon Peru: Reserva Amazonica Lodge
Amazon Peru: Sandoval Lake Lodge
Lake Titicaca: Puno
Affordable Peru
Peru in Luxury Special
Peru Andean Explorer Luxury Train
Peru Culinary Experience
SITA's Authentic PERU Experience
South America In Luxury
Splendors of Chile
Classical South America: Brazil, Argentina & Chile
Explore Easter Island
Explore Atacama
Explore Patagonia
Punta Arenas to Ushuaia: Via Australis Patagonia Cruise
Essence of Chile & Argentina
Ecuador and Peru
Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands
Central America
Discover Central America
Mayan Triangle
Highlights of Belize
Highlights of Nicaragua
Highlights of Panama
Highlights of Costa Rica
Highlights of Colombia
Highlights of Bolivia
Paraguay - 2018
Uruguay - 2018
Highlights of Cuba

     South America:
  10 Days - Splendors of Chile  
  From CAD 5,215/person  
  From sophisticated Santiago with its internationally praised vineyards to majestic ancient forests and soaring volcanoes, Chile is a jewel with a fascinating history, a diverse ecology and a modern, colorful culture. You'll see Chile from the peaks of the Andes to the rugged, open spaces of Patagonia.  
  7 Days - Affordable Peru  
  From CAD 3,206/person  
  Brimming with both natural and man-made attractions, Peru is a place of great mystique, beauty and culture. Join this in-depth exploration of the Inca Empire culminating in your visit to awe-inspiring Machu Picchu where you'll watch the sun rise over the mist covered mountains.  
  7 Days - Affordable Brazil  
  From CAD 2,785/person  
  This hot, happening, dynamic country has something for everyone who loves travel. From the beaches of Rio de Janeiro to the magnificent spectacle of Iguassu Falls, Brazil is a wonderland of adventure and fun. Optional extensions to Santa Catarina and/or Bahia are available.  
  11 Days - Essence of Chile & Argentina  
  From CAD 4,400/person  
  Stunning landscapes and colorful villages abound in this itinerary. Explore the neo-classical architecture and history of Buenos Aires. Revel in what is sure to be a highlight as you cross the pristine waters of Andean lakes by catamaran. Beautiful lush vistas await, as you'll have the opportunity to explore a new picturesque town with every lake crossing.  
  9 Days - Ecuador and its Galapagos Islands  
  From CAD 6,600/person sharing  
  Not only does Ecuador offer a rich, cultural and historic diversity, but it is the gateway to the Galapagos Islands, a natural wonderland of unique species and stunning volcanic landscapes. This UNESCO World Heritage site is a pristine natural classroom and makes for a once-in-a-lifetime magical adventure.  
  9 Days – Mayan Triangle  
  From CAD 2,908/person sharing  
  Explore the worlds of today and yesterday in Central America. This tour balances the adventure of visiting ancient remains of the Mayan civilization with opportunities to enjoy the pristine beaches, flourishing markets and vibrant lifestyle many find so compelling in modern Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.  
  10 Days - Patagonia Panorama  
  From CAD 4,213/person  
  After touring the highlights of Buenos Aires including the Eva Peron burial site, you'll journey to an immense working estancia on the Argentine pampas and then on to the awe-inspiring glaciers, pristine lakes and vast, wind-swept vistas of South America's most southern realms.  
  11 Days – Inca Mysteries: Peru  
  From CAD 4,300/person  
  The haunting world of the ancient Inca civilization comes alive as you explore both the remains of their empire and the new world that has evolved in Peru. The stunning highlights include Machu Picchu and a cruise on Lake Titicaca.  
  12 Days – Classical South America: Brazil, Argentina and Chile  
  From CAD 7,094/person  
  This exciting itinerary gives you the opportunity to sample the highlights of South America with a taste of everything that makes this massive continent so alluring. Pre-Columbian life, colonial history, natural beauty and modern sizzle blend to make every day a day of adventure and discovery..  
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