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Photo10 Days / 9 Nights

Highlights Of The Tour
On this tour we will invite you to the unique and beautiful islands of the Setouchi Inland Sea. You will enjoy the animals, beautiful nature as well as the culture and history of Japan. Also experience the islands’ Japanese style "Ryokan" with open air hot springs and Japanese Kaiseki dinner. Everything of Japan is in this tour!

Day 1: Arrive Osaka
Upon arrival at Kansai or Itami airport meet your English speaking staff at the arrival lobby and he/she will take you to the limited express train (from Kansai) or limousine bus (from Itami) to Shin Osaka station (train or limousine bus ticket will be given by the assistant). Upon arrival at the station another assistant will greet and take you to the hotel for check in. Free at leisure for the rest of the day (Meals: No meals included)
*The information of your assembling time on Day 2 will be delivered to your room on this day.

Day 2: Osaka
Enjoy your breakfast at the hotel. You will meet your fellow travelers and the English speaking guide, and start the morning tour of Osaka. The tour will visit Umeda Floating Garden Observatory with the height of 173m. After enjoying the view of Osaka city the tour will proceed to Dotonbori, Osaka’s gourmet and entertainment district. Osaka is famous for its local food such as "Okonomiyaki" (Japanese style pancake) or "Takoyaki" (dumplings with octopus). The prices are reasonable. Enjoy those your lunch while having free time there. The tour ends there and you can enjoy the rest of the day on your own. The guide will instruct you how to go back to the hotel and if you want to return the guide will take you to the hotel with Metro.
(Meals: BB)

Day 3: Osaka - Himeji - Okayama
This morning leave Shin Osaka by the "Shinkansen" (super express train) for Himeji, the UNESCO World Heritage site. Constructed in 1346 it still remains the original building and hence is regarded as a National Treasure of Japan. Please enjoy the walking tour of the castle from the station. After lunch at the local restaurant transfer to Okayama by the Shinkansen again and visit Korakuen Japanese garden, rated as one of Japan’s top three most beautiful gardens.
Check in to your hotel and free at leisure for the rest of the day.
(Meals: BB,L L)

Day 4: Okayama - Naoshima - Okayama
Enjoy a day trip to Naoshima on Japan’s Inland Sea on this day. Naoshima is well known as the island featuring modern art. After enjoying your lunch at the restaurant in Benesse House visit Chichu Art Museum and "Ie"
(Japanese traditional houses) project exhibitions. After the visit return to the hotel and enjoy for the rest of the day.
(Meals: BB, LL)

Day 5: Okayama - Kurashiki - Fukuyama
Start the day with the visit to Kurashiki by local train. At Kurashiki visit the Ohashi Family residence, the traditional Japanese house of a wealthy merchant and Ohara Art Museum which has been built in 1930. Afterwards enjoy strolling around Bikan Historical Quarter which used to be the center of trade & transportation. A lot of classical warehouses with white and black walls have been constructed, most of which are well preserved along the river. Enjoy your lunch on your own and discover the district.
After going back to Kurashiki station transfer to Fukuyama, the second biggest city of Hiroshima prefecture by local train. Upon arrival at Fukuyama walk to the hotel and check in, then free at leisure for the rest of the day.
(Meals: BB)

Day 6: Fukuyama - Okunojima - Osaki Kamijima
Today experience unique Okunojima populated by rabbits and the "Onsen" (Japanese hot springs) stay on Osaki Kamijima Island.
The tour will start the visit Okunojima Island by coach and ferry. On this island nearly 700 rabbits will greet you. The tour will visit the memorial museum on the island to learn the preciousness of peace together with enjoying the walk on the island petting the rabbits. Enjoy "Washi" (Japanese paper) making and lunch at the local restaurant,and then transfer to Omishima Island famous for Oyamazumi shrine, one of the highest ranked shrines built in the 6th century. This island is also known as the route of Shimanami Kaido Expressway, the scenic highway connecting "Honshu", Japan’s main island and "Shikoku" the smallest main island passing through many small islands.
After the visits to the shrine go to Osaki Kamijima Island by ferry and check in to your Japanese style hotel on the island. Enjoy soaking in the public open air bath and then have a Japanese kaiseki dinner at the hotel. You will stay in a Japanese style "tatami" (straw mat floor) room on this night.
(Meals: BB, LL, DD)

Day 7: Osaki Kamijima - Takehara - Hiroshima
Take a ferry to Honshu island and visit Takehara city which is called the "small Kyoto of Hiroshima". The tour will visit Japanese Sake brewery and enjoy some free time for lunch. Then visit Kumano brush factory which is famous as a production of high quality brush for cosmetics before proceeding to Hiroshima. Upon arrival at the hotel in Hiroshima free at leisure for the rest of the day.
(Meals: BB)

Day 8: Hiroshima - Miyajima - Hiroshima
The tour startswith a visit to Peace Memorial Park and Museum in Hiroshima’s city center.
Hiroshima was severely damaged by the world’s first atomic bomb at the end of WWII, But the residents made a great effort to recover and Hiroshima is today the biggest city in this region. The park and museum were constructed to remind us of the events of 1945 and the preciousness of peace. After enjoying a "Okonomiyaki" pancake lunch visit Miyajima, which is well known as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Itsukushima shrine on this island is famous and red "Torii" , the entrance to the shrine is built on the sea shore and looks like it is floating on the sea. Upon return to the hotel free at leisure.
(Meals: BB, LL)

Day 9: Hiroshima - Kyoto
Transfer by high-speed train to Kyoto, the ancient Japanese capital for over 1,000 years.
Upon arrival at Kyoto visit Arashiyama by coach, which is famous for the beautiful Togetsukyo bridge crossing over the Katsura River and the serene bamboo forest. Enjoy some free time for lunch before proceeding to Kinkakuji Golden pavilion.
Kinkakuji is the Buddhist temple originally constructed in 1397 by Ashikaga shogun (commander in chief of Samurai administration). The current building was built in 1955 after the original had burned down. Then visit Ryoanji temple which is famous for its beautifully shaped stone garden.
Transfer to the hotel and check in, and free at leisure.
(Meals: BB)

Day 10: Kyoto - Osaka
Transfer to Kansai or Itami airport by shuttle taxi with your luggage. Your room is available until regular check our time.

*Your luggage will be transported from Osaka to Okayama on Day 3, and Okayama to Hiroshima on Day 5 separately. Please prepare an overnight bag for the stay on Day 5 and 6.
**If the number of participants is 15 person or less the tour may be organized by public transportation on Day 2, 4 and 8.

Untitled Spreadsheet
  Standard Class  
  Arrival Departure Dbl Sgl  
  3/20/2019 3/29/2019 CAD 6,913 CAD 8,413  
  4/3/2019 4/12/2019 CAD 6,913 CAD 8,413  
  4/17/2019 4/26/2019 CAD 6,663 CAD 7,663  
  5/1/2019 5/10/2019 CAD 6,913 CAD 8,413  
  5/15/2019 5/24/2019 CAD 6,663 CAD 7,663  
  5/29/2019 6/7/2019 CAD 6,550 CAD 7,356  
  6/12/2019 6/21/2019 CAD 6,550 CAD 7,356  
  6/26/2019 7/5/2019 CAD 6,913 CAD 8,413  
  7/10/2019 7/19/2019 CAD 6,663 CAD 7,663  
  7/24/2019 8/2/2019 CAD 6,663 CAD 7,663  
  8/7/2019 8/16/2019 CAD 6,913 CAD 8,413  
  8/21/2019 8/30/2019 CAD 6,550 CAD 7,356  
  9/4/2019 9/13/2019 CAD 6,550 CAD 7,356  
  9/18/2019 9/27/2019 CAD 6,550 CAD 7,356  
  10/2/2019 10/11/2019 CAD 6,663 CAD 7,663  
  10/16/2019 10/25/2019 CAD 6,913 CAD 8,413  
  10/30/2019 11/8/2019 CAD 6,913 CAD 8,413  
  11/13/2019 11/22/2019 CAD 6,913 CAD 8,413  
  First Class  
  Arrival Departure Dbl Sgl  
  3/20/2019 3/29/2019 CAD 7,663 CAD 9,600  
  4/3/2019 4/12/2019 CAD 7,663 CAD 9,600  
  4/17/2019 4/26/2019 CAD 7,200 CAD 8,644  
  5/1/2019 5/10/2019 CAD 7,663 CAD 9,600  
  5/15/2019 5/24/2019 CAD 7,200 CAD 8,644  
  5/29/2019 6/7/2019 CAD 6,988 CAD 8,069  
  6/12/2019 6/21/2019 CAD 6,988 CAD 8,069  
  6/26/2019 7/5/2019 CAD 7,663 CAD 9,600  
  7/10/2019 7/19/2019 CAD 7,200 CAD 8,644  
  7/24/2019 8/2/2019 CAD 7,200 CAD 8,644  
  8/7/2019 8/16/2019 CAD 7,663 CAD 9,600  
  8/21/2019 8/30/2019 CAD 6,988 CAD 8,069  
  9/4/2019 9/13/2019 CAD 6,988 CAD 8,069  
  9/18/2019 9/27/2019 CAD 6,988 CAD 8,069  
  10/2/2019 10/11/2019 CAD 7,200 CAD 8,644  
  10/16/2019 10/25/2019 CAD 7,663 CAD 9,600  
  10/30/2019 11/8/2019 CAD 7,663 CAD 9,600  
  11/13/2019 11/22/2019 CAD 7,663 CAD 9,600  
  MINIMUM Pax: The tour will be guaranteed with minimum number of 2 persons.  
  *Schedule could be changed when the group is small  
  Blackout period during Rugby World Cup 2019 (Sep 04 till Nov 04, 2019). Please call for the revised quote during this period.
  Shinjuku Washington Hotel or Similar (S)  
  Keio Plaza Hotel or Similar (F)  
  Courtyard by Marriott Shin-Osaka Station or Similar (S, F)  
  Mitsui Garden Hotel Okayama or Similar (S)  
  Hotel Granvia Okayama or Similar (F)  
  Vessel Fukuyama New Castle Hotel or Similar (S, F)  
  Osaki Kamijima Island        
  Kinoe Onsen Hotel Seifukan or Similar (Japanese room) (S, F)  
  Hotel New Hiroden or Similar (S)  
  Hotel Granvia Hiroshima or Similar (F)  
  El Inn Kyoto or Similar (S)  
  New Miyako Hotel (Premium Floor) or Similar (F)  
Inclusions & highlights:
  • 9 Nights accommodation at your choice of hotel with private facilities
  • Meals - 9 Breakfasts, 4 Lunches, 1 Dinner
  • Transfer & Sightseeing
  • For Group 15 pax or above: Chartered motorcoach, otherwise as mentioned in the itinerary
  • For Group less than 15 pax: Charted motorcoach is arranged on Day 4, 6, 7, 9
  • Public Transportation is used on Day 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 10
  • English speaking guide throughout the tour from Day 2 to Day 9
  • English speaking assistant is arranged for Day 1
  • Tourist Class train tickets reserved seats
  • Entrance fees included
  • Baggage Handling: Separate Baggage transfer on Day 3 (Osaka-Okayama), Day 5 (Okayama-Hiroshima), and Day 9 (Hiroshima-Kyoto)
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